Whale Watching Season

When: June 1October 20 2019

Location: Waters off Goolwa, MIddleton, Port Elliot and Victor Harbor

Southern Right Whales may come to the waters off Goolwa, Middleton, Port Elliot and Victor Harbor between May and October.

Southern Right Whales move from the icy Antarctic waters to the Encounter Bay region to give birth to calves between May and October. As some come in quite close to the shore, you can observe these unique and majestic creatures from vantage points off Goolwa, Middleton (Bashams Beach) and Port Elliot. To learn more about the whales and sometimes observe dolphins and seals, you can book tours with the Big Duck. Sometimes humpback whales pass through the region. These are wild animals so there are no guarantees that there are always whales in the region. There are very strict rules for watching the whales from the water. If you are watching from the shore, please take care of the sand dunes and fragile coastal environment. Also be aware of where you park your car so that local residents are not inconvenienced. You can check the latest whale sightings via the Whale Centre website in Victor Harbor.